“We ideate – execute – iterate very fast”, says Arnav Malik, Product Manager, Zoomcar

Young Achievers- In conversation with Arnav Malik, Product Manager, Zoomcar

profilePlease tell us about your professional & academic background. Can you also brief us about your role in your current organization?

I graduated from BITS Pilani – Goa in 2011 and started-up straight out of college with my good friend and batch-mate. Roughly after a year we moved to Snapdeal (during the time it was venturing into e-commerce), and I built and handled P&L for couple of categories.

I am currently following my passion to solve issues related to transportation by building amazing products for the Zoomcar community. I take care of the mobile and payment domains along with few other special projects.

Can you please describe what a typical day @ Office is like?

Typical day at Office is filled with a lot of energy and passion to solve real life problems. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with some of the most talented and motivated folks. We are working on very cool and industry-first products which keep us busy most of the time.

What has been your greatest product success story? What, in your opinion is the determining factor in the success of a product?

There are many product success stories for Zoomcar, and one factor which is consistent across all products is that we ideate – execute – iterate very fast. It is also very important to test and let data show you the direction in which to take the product.


What is a typical career path of a product manager in your industry? And what are some of the challenges associated with this role?

Product Managers need to be structured in their approach and should be connected to the users. If you are passionate about building amazing products for the user, then there is no typical career path.

Scouting for data sometimes becomes a challenge especially when you are working in a start-up because of short data history.

What personal skills are important for a product manager?

A product manager should be ‘wired to care’. It is important to empathize with the user to be able to build great products. Your product could be driven by design or data or business need but you can only make something workable and usable if you are connected to the user.

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