Why attend a Job-a-thon!

Job seekers can use career fairs to network, make positive first impressions, and learn about several companies and what it’s like to work for them.

Meeting and interacting with recruiters face to face is a very critical part of the job search process, and Job-a-thon’s offer job seekers a unique opportunity to make personal connections that are impossible when applying for a job online.

So if you are looking for a great job with a great employer, here are some solid reasons why you should consider attending more of these Job-a-thon’s.

1. Instant job opportunities & interviews

Employers attend job fairs because they are looking for good people to join their company. A typical job fair can have dozens or even more employers under one roof. So if you attend a job fair, you’ll be able to speak directly to hiring managers and apply to all the job opportunities you want – instantly.IMG_6101                                            Nishrit from Stalkbuylove at the Delhi Job-a-thon

2. Saves you time!

Job fairs are free, and they can get you a job FAST. Attending a job fair doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job – but it puts you in front of more employers in the shortest time possible, and significantly boosts your chances overall.

3. Meet company representatives

Meet those elusive recruiters in a semi-formal set-up. Since a lot of company representatives attending the job-a-thon actually have an impact on hiring decisions, it’s a good idea to be ready with your 30 second elevator speech to create a memorable impression.IMG_6103                         Dinesh Negi & a colleague from British Telecom at the Delhi Job-a-thon

4. Size up your competition

These Job-a-thon’s allow you a chance to measure yourself against others applying for the same jobs as you. A great way to learn about your competition: their educational background, their experience, skills and so on. This helps you determine if you need to take further action to make yourself more valuable to employers.IMG_5898                                    Job seekers in the waiting area at the Bangalore Job-a-thon

5. Learn about latest job market trends

Learn about the skills which are currently in demand (and which aren’t); learn about new trends, techniques in your area of interest. Be proactive and ask company representatives the qualities they look for in a potential employee, the profile in question and key deliverables associated with it.

6. Network, Network and make contacts

Network, not only with company representatives but also with other job seekers at the fair! Share tips and feedback, and look for ways to help each other out.

Also, as a practice, collect as many business cards as possible and make a good first impression. When it’s time to apply for an open position, you can stand out by referencing that connection in your cover letter or introduction email.sp-10                                           A job seeker with a recruiter at the Delhi Job-a-thon

7. Interview for various roles

Get a chance to interview for various roles that you may be interested in, under one roof. On an average, candidates can interview with 3-4 good companies for various profiles.

Recruiter Testimonials-

We interviewed 12 candidates and shortlisted 2 out of them. Till now, 60% of our Tech hiring has happened through hirist.com. Really like the shortlist feature”- Sourabh Deorah, Co-Founder, Work Advantage

” Took about 15 interviews and shortlisted 5 out of them. I think that’s a good number, and we are satisfied with it. We came last time too and would like to come every time this Job-a-thon happens” Nakul Kapoor, Founder, PlaynLive

So put on your job seeker shoes, brush up your interview skills and attend a Job-a-thon.

* These images are from various Job-a-thon’s organized by hirist.com in Delhi and Bangalore. 

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