Top 20 Bangalore Startups hiring talent in 2015

In this Start-up boom, there are numerous companies looking to hire more and more people. Here is a list of  20 Bangalore based Start-ups who are hiring this year (in random order).

1.) bus founding team

redBus Founding team

  • Date Founded/Launched- 2005, acquired by Ibibo Group, a subsidiary of South Africa-based media firm Naspers Ltd, for $135 million in June 2013.
  • Founders- Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju and Sudhakar Pasupunuri, classmates in BITS Pilani and later worked in various companies in Bangalore before founding redBus.
  • Concept- The initial idea of redBus to set up a site that allowed customers to book bus tickets in a location-independent manner, was triggered by one of the founder’s inability to visit his family during the Diwali season of 2005 due to lack of an available bus ticket. redBus was launched with a tow-fold objective – to ensure that passengers don’t have to leave their homes to book a ticket, and to help them get a ticket when they need it the most.redbus office

redBus Office in Bangalore – Sr Software Engineer – Java/J2EE (2-6 yrs) – Technical Lead – Mobile Applications (4-7 yrs)

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2.) Zoomcar-                                                                                                 
  • Date Founded/Launched- February 2013
  • Founders- Greg Moran & David BackZoomcarFounders

Zoomcar Founders

  • Concept- Zoomcar, a tech startup that provides self-drive cars for rent, started in Bangalore in February 2013 with 7 vehicles at a single location. The founders moved to India from the USA to work on their idea of allowing customers to rent cars (hatchbacks to sedans) on an hourly basis. The pricing for various cars hovers from INR 200-1000 per hour and it includes insurance along with the fuel costs. Zoomcar now has about 200 vehicles in its fleet, overwhelming levels of demand, and a list of high-profile investors.
  • Team culture- ownership driven culture with a direct impact on the brand and its customer.
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- – Digital Marketing Analytics Head – IIT (5-8 yrs)
3.) Teabox-
  • Date Founded/Launched- Mid 2012
  • Founder- Kaushal Dugarkaushal dagar teabox

Kaushal Dagar, Founder of Teabox

  • Concept- Teabox, a specialty e-commerce start-up based in Siliguri supplies freshly packaged premium teas across some of the most discerning and lucrative markets for high-end teas, such as Russia, US, China and Japan. By using e-commerce platform that allows tea drinkers in these countries to browse, select, and order their favorite variant of the beverage, Teabox is removing the traditional distribution layers of resellers and marketers.
  • Team culture- Supportive team that pushes each other to excel at their work.
  • Headquarters- Siliguri
  • Jobs available in Bangalore- Teabox – Product Manager (4-10 yrs)

Teabox – Lead UX Designer (3-10 yrs)

They are also looking for a UX & Visual Designer

4.) 24×7 Fresh-
  • Date Founded/Launched 2014
  • Founders- IIT Engineers24x7 fresh
  • Concept- The online fresh store, a dream child of IITians, it is an e-commerce portal in the segment of Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables and a lot more. It aims to help consumers save more money as well as time and enjoy shopping by using ‘Adaptive Technology ‘ & ‘Hybrid Retail System’.
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- – Product Manager (2-8 yrs) – Data Scientist (2-4 yrs)

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5.) Urban Ladder-
  • Date Founded/Launched- July, 2012
  • Founders- Ashish Goel (CEO & co-founder) and Rajiv Srivatsa (COO & co-founder)urban ladder co founders

 Urban Ladder Co-founders

  • Concept- Urban Ladder is a tight-knit start-up that’s been at the forefront of driving furniture e-commerce in India. The online furniture company aims to provide a curated destination for home solutions, to help the Urban Indian build well-furnished, beautiful homes.
  • Team Culture- Honesty, transparency and customer obsession is something they are very serious about.urban-ladder-office team

Urban Ladder Team

Urban Ladder – Category Manager – IIT/IIM (2-7 yrs)

6.) Practo-                                                                                                                                     
  • Date Founded/Launched- May 2008
  • Founders- Shashank ND & Abhinav Lalpracto founders

Practo Founders

  • Concept- Practo is a technology firm which enhances patient experience by revving-up clinics across India with simple, technology products. Patients use to find and book appointments with doctors. Doctors use Practo Ray, a Saas software to manage their practice.
  • Team culture- They are looking for risk takers, passionate, out of the box thinkers, basically some who believes in getting things done rather than clocking hours.practo team

 Practo Team

Front End Developer – UI Professional – Startup (1-6 yrs)

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7.) ZapStitch-
  • Date Founded/Launched 2013
  • Co Founders- Satya Padmanabham D & Ravi Madabhushi
  • Concept- ZapStitch lets you seamlessly sync & transfer data between various Cloud/SaaS Business apps without any custom programming. Their Technology stack includes Java, Spring, Hibernate, Amazon Cloud Computing, MySQL, Amazon RDS, Jenkins, etc.
  • Team culture- They emphasize on positive and transparentcommunication, creating a WOW experience everywhere, Learning and Growth, Freedom and Accountability, Smart work, Selfless work and using best judgment about ZapStitch.zapstitch team
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- ZapStitch – Technical Support/Customer Success (1-2 yrs)

ZapStitch – Front End Developer – HTML/CSS/Javascript (2-3 yrs)

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8.) Wooqer-
  • Date Founded/Launched 2008
  • Founders Pavitra Saxena, Vishal Purohit & Sarika Pandeywooqer office

 Wooqer Office

  • Concept It provides create-it-Yourself (CIY) software platform which offers tools to create and track content such as processes, or data for customers. It is designed to drive communication & engagement across large closed groups (companies, forums etc.). Their singular mission is to ‘enable each person to be more’ by creating their own solutions to the work challenges in shortest possible time. It also helps people to structure work and measure results without sms, emails, phone calls and spreadsheets.
  • Team culture ‘Be More’, Belief and Passion about the work is a must.Wooqer team

Wooqer – UX Designer – Mobile (4-8 yrs)

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9.) Olacabs-
  • Date Founded/Launched January 2011
  • Founders Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhatiolacabs_bhavish_aggarwal

Bhavish Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Olacabs 

  • Concept India’s largest aggregator of car rentals and point-to-point cab services. It integrates car transportation, be it point-to-point services within a city, hour-based rental services or outstation travel, onto a technology platform, ensuring convenient, transparent and quick service fulfillment for the customer. Customers can access Olacabs, on the web, through a mobile app or through a customer service centre.
  • Team Culture They focus on a culture fit, look for Problem solvers, energetic and self-motivated people.
  • Headquarters Mumbai
  • Jobs available Their Bangalore office is looking for Product Managers and Software Development engineers.
10.) Zovi-
  • Date Founded/Launched 2010
  • Co Founders- Satish Mani, Kavindra Mishra & Sartaj Mehta. Manish Chopra is the current CEOsatishmani Zovi

Satish Mani, Co-founder, Zovi

  • Concept- Run by Robemall Apparels Pvt Ltd, it started out as a menswear private label online brand and added women’s wear and accessories later on. It also introduced the concept of virtual trial rooms with ‘Zovi Eye’ in 2011. Very recently it has added home furnishings to its set of offerings.
  • Team culture- very customer centric, and hands on culture. They believe in fact based decision making.
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- – Senior UI/UX Designer (4-7 yrs) – Assistant Manager – Business Analytics – IIT/IIM (0-3 yrs)

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11.) Komli Media-
  • Date Founded/Launched- October 2006
  • Founder- Amar Goel
  • Concept- Komli Media is a digital media-focused technology platform that offers solutions across display, mobile, video, social, search and data for advertisers, agencies and publishers. Its offerings include a real-time bidding (RTB) performance advertising platform called ATOM that integrates audience data to improve return on investments.
  • Headquarters- Mumbai
  • Team culture- Focus on innovating everyday, flat hierarchy.Komli media team

Komli Media Team

Komli Media – Software Engineer/Sr Software Engineer – Data/Java (1-4 yrs)

12.) CodeNation-
  • Date Founded/Launched- June 2014
  • Founders Trilogy group of companies
  • Concept- It uses unique processes and tools to develop enterprise software of high quality and great efficiency which allows customers to manage very large amounts of data. All CodeNation software is built on a revolutionary assembly-line platform called ALINE.
  • Team culture- Entrepreneurial culture, solving their customer’s biggest problems, building killer apps, ensuring every app delivers value- defines working @ CodeNation.Codenation team

CodeNation team

  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- visit their website for more details
13.) TaxiForSure-
  • Date Founded/Launched- June 2011
  • Founders- Raghunandan G & Aprameya Radhakrishnataxiforsure founders

TaxiForSure Founders

  • Concept- TaxiForSure is a taxi aggregating marketplace that allows a customer to book taxis in 35+ Indian cities. A robust and scalable technology platform that allows them to gather and analyze data which ensures that decisions both big and small are guided by gut and numbers.
  • Team culture- work and fun are synonyms here, transparency, integrity and respect for every individual are the pillars on which the culture is built.taxiforsure-team

TaxiForSure Team

They are also hiring an Engineering Manager, Python Developer, System Engineer and many other profiles

14.) Fuzzy Logix-
  • Date Founded/Launched- 2007
  • Founders- Partha Sen & Mike Upchurch
  • Concept- They enable companies to embed in-database analytics directly into their business processes, data warehouses, enterprise applications, devices and web services. By directly integrating analytics into these existing areas where data already resides, they enable enormous processing efficiencies, and dramatically reduce the cycle time for analytics.
  • Headquarters- Charlotte, USAfuzzy logix office

FuzzyLogix office

  • Team culture- Company culture is friendly, flexible work timings.
  • Jobs available- Check out their website for openings in Bangalore
15.) Vizury-
  • Date Founded/Launched- 2008
  • Co-Founders- Chetan Kulkarni, Gourav Chindlur & Vikram Nayak
  • Concept- An ad retargeting startup that offers digital marketing technology solutions to e-commerce and online travel companies to maximize the value of their digital data.
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Team culture- Customer centric, innovative culture, use data to solve puzzles.

vizury team

Vizury Team

They are also hiring a product manager, engineering manager, security engineer, technical architects & software engineers.

16.) Frrole-
  • Date Founded/Launched- 2011
  • Founders- Amarpreet Kalkat, Abhishek Vaid & Nishith Sharmafrrol-team

Frrole team

  • Concept- Its name is derived from a Punjabi word that means ‘serendipitous discovery’. Frrole scans Twitter feeds and collects news on different topics entered by users. The technology platform uses filters to cut out relevant tweets from spam or irrelevant content. Raw tweets are then aligned with semantic information such as verbs, nouns, adjectives or pronouns which are further sorted out in terms of contextual information such as time-frame, sentiments, ‘related to a personality’ or genres like politics or fashion etc.
  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Team Culture- Emphasis on transparency.
  • Jobs available- They are hiring Front-end and Back-end development interns.
17.) BlackMonk-
  • Date Founded/Launched- November 2012, it’s a product of Double Spring Media.
  • Founders- Shuhaib Shariff
  • Concept- BlackMonk CMS is a next generation web + mobile publishing platform that helps you easily create, manage and monetize: portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or online communities. It enables publishers to organize information and provide an interactive, personalized and vertically-focused media experience to users online.blackmonk team

BlackMonk Team

  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- They are hiring a Django developer.
18.) Blowhorn-
  • Date Founded/Launched- November 2013
  • Co-Founders- Mithun Srivatsa & Nikhil Shivaprasad
  • Concept- An online marketplace for last mile logistics services. Blowhorn offers a tech platform connecting owners of mini-trucks to consumers who want to move goods quickly and effortlessly around town.blowhorn-mini-truck-with-employees

Blowhorn Team  

  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- They are recruiting a Software engineer.
19.) Thrillophilia-
  • Date Founded/Launched- 2009
  • Founders- Chitra Gurnani & Abhishek Dagathrillophilia founders
  • Concept- It is an activity based trip planning portal that is a one stop solution for tours, activities and things to do in Indian subcontinent. Thrillophilia’s travel explorers travel across to curate best local experiences and handpick the best local guides and vendors to give a traveller a complete offbeat experience. It has ambitions to change tourism for the long-term benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and tourism industry. With more than 500 corporate customers, 40000 travellers and 1500 tours across India, Thrillophilia is the go to destination for related travel needs.
  • Team culture- Fun loving, pro active and flexible working.thrilliphilia team

Thrillophilia Team

  • Headquarters- Bangalore
  • Jobs available- Check out their Careers page for current openings.
20.) Exotel-
  • Date Founded/Launched- 2011
  • Founders- Shivakumar G, Ishwar Sridharan, Siddharth Ramesh & Vijay Sharmashivku exotel CEO

Shivakumar G, Co-founder, Exotel

  • Concept- It is a cloud telephony service provider for small and medium enterprises in India which provides virtual phone numbers and telephony applications mainly to small and medium businesses. It offers a quick and easy way for an SME to purchase a telephone number, by-passing the cumbersome route to get a telephone connection.
  • Team culture- Transparent, Honest, Ethical, Ownership & Hard-working are qualities that define anyone working @ Exotel.Exotel B'lore team

Exotel Team

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