10 Chennai/Hyderabad Startups hiring talent in 2015

Startups offer a fast-paced learning environment and an opportunity to make a real difference. Check out these impressive Chennai/Hyderabad based start-ups, hiring talent this year.

Disclaimer- These startups have been mentioned in a random order.

 1.) BankBazaar
  • Year Founded/Launched- 2008
  • Co-Founders- Adhil Shetty, Arjun Shetty & Rati RajkumarAdhil shetty bankbazaar                                                                        Adhil Shetty, Co-founder & CEO
  • Concept- It is an Indian internet-based multi-brand financial product comparison platform, designed to aid applicants with choosing loans and credit cards online, without need of any paper work and offline processing. You can instantly search, compare and apply for loans, credit cards and insurance products on their site.
  • Team culture- Challenging work that constantly pushes employees outside their comfort zones. Additionally, no one is confined to a tightly-defined job role, so everyone takes an interest in contributing outside of their focus areas. They are always on the lookout for other like-minded overachievers who realize that there’s more to success than a fat paycheck at a blue-chip company.
  • bankbazaar teamHeadquarters- Chennai
  • Jobs available- Bankbazaar.Com – Android Developer (2-8 yrs) 

BankBazaar.com – User Experience Designer (2-4 yrs)

Check out their other openings  here.

2.) Freshdesk
  • Year Founded/Launched- October 2010
  • Co-Founders- Girish Mathrubootham & Shanmugam Krishnaswamy
  • Freshdesk foundersConcept- Its a cloud-based customer support platform, headquartered in San Francisco, with a development center in Chennai, India. It was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Their goal is to make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and for users to get in touch with businesses.
  • Team culture- Company Culture for them means how most of the employees (if not all) react to everyday situations in the workplace. Everyone has the operational freedom and a fun work environment where they can learn everything they need for the job at the job. Looking for people with ownership and initiative.
  • freshdesk officeHeadquarters- California, USA
  • Jobs available (in Chennai)- Check out their Careers page to find out current openings.
3.) Snappay
  • Year Founded/Launched- November 2014
  • Founder- Jaikishan JalanJaikishan Jalan snappay
  • Concept- It is revolutionizing how people pay their bills today by providing a mobile first solution that makes it super simple for a user to view and pay all their bills in a snap.
  • Team culture- Small team who inspire and teach each other while working on something that customers would always choose. A place that trusts its employees, gives them the context to make smart decisions, and focuses on clearing obstacles that might prevent them from doing great work.
  • Headquarters- Hyderabad
  • Jobs available- They are hiring Software Engineers. Send in your resumes to jjalan@snappay.com.
4.) Zippr
  • Year Founded/Launched- May 2013
  • Founder- Aditya Vuchi
  • zippr founderConcept- Zippr is a central location management service that enables users to create and share short codes (Zipprs e.g. ABCD1234) with friends or vendors to avoid low value conversations around finding an address and enables services to reach a customer in a jiffy. It is a personalized identity-layer on maps with a unique combination of four characters and four numeric identifiers such as XYZR1234 for physical locations.
  • Team culture- They have gone beyond the free lunches, flexible hours and casual dress code usually associated with working in a start-up. Working at Zippr demands a sense of pride, passion and commitment towards solving large-impact problems through technology. And they promise to impact your life in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.
  • Zippr-TeamHeadquarters- Hyderabad
  • Jobs available- They are looking for a Principal Mobile Engineer.
5.) Fission Labs
  • Year Founded/Launched- 2008
  • Co-Founders- Kishore Poredddy & Eswar Lingam

Eswar Lingam, Co-founder, Fission Labs

  • Concept- Fission Labs is a product development services company that delivers high end cloud-based solutions for rapidly growing companies. Their services include- System architecture, design, implementation, QA, deployment, and system operations. They use agile development methodology to keep things flexible.
  • Team culture- A challenging and dynamic work environment with flexible work timings. Supportive management with a flat hierarchy makes Fission Labs a wonderful place to work at.
  • Fission labs employeesHeadquarters- Hyderabad
  • Jobs available- They are hiring for various exciting positions, check out their careers page for details.
6.) vakilsearch
  • Year Founded/Launched- 2010
  • Founder- Hrishikesh DatarHrishikesh founder vakil search
  • Concept- vakilsearch is committed to solving one of the most important issue affecting millions of Indians – Difficulty in finding the right lawyer, Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant to solve their personal and commercial problems.
  • Team culture- A great work atmosphere with a focus on learning new skills and a friendly environment that puts people at ease. Great emphasis on ownership, customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Headquarters- Chennai
  • Jobs available- They are looking for a Chief Technology Officer.
7.) MartMobi Technologies
  • Year Founded/Launched- January 2013
  • Co-Founders- Pramod Nair, Satya Krishna Ganni
  • Concept- Its an innovative mobile technology company that enables the world’s leading eCommerce sites, Brands, Retailers to dramatically improve their conversions on mobile. They do this by helping merchants “seamlessly” go mobile with beautiful mobile sites, apps, that enables seamless connectivity with their shopping carts powered by a robust data and analytics engine.
  • Team culture- A dynamic cross-functional team with the right eco-system for learning and innovation.
  • martmobi-teamHeadquarters- San Jose, USA
  • Jobs available (in Hyderabad)- Check out their current openings here.
8.) ChargeBee
  • Year Founded/Launched- 2011
  • Co-Founder & CEO- Krish Subramanian
  • krish co-founder & CEO chargebeeConcept- It is an online subscription and recurring billing service that provides SaaS billing solutions for small and medium sized companies.
  • Team culture- An amazing team that’s always high on an endless supply of unadulterated optimism and enthusiasm, with an insatiable desire to make things happen. Freedom to explore, to experiment new ideas and create new things, comprehensive health plan make working @ ChargeBee an enriching experience.
  • Headquarters- Chennai
  • Jobs available- They are hiring, check out the careers page.
9.) Pracly
  • Year Founded/Launched- November 2013
  • Co-Founders- Ritesh Singhania, Samik Biswas & Gaurav Mittal
  • pracly foundersConcept- Born out of a 30 minute conversation with a startup expert, these founders came up with the idea of creating a platform for entrepreneurs to help them solve problems. It is an advisory platform for entrepreneurs where they can connect with domain experts for any business problem over a phone call or a one-to-one meet.
  • Team culture- Small team, flexible work timings, work from anywhere, access to a huge network of awesome entrepreneurs and numerous bootcamps and hackathons.
  • pracly TeamHeadquarters- Chennai
  • Jobs available- They are hiring a Fullstack RoR innovator.
10.) DoctorC
  • Year Founded/Launched- October 2013
  • Co-Founders- Neehar Cherabuddi, Mansi Gandhi, Karan Kurani & Manya Cherabuddi
  • DoctorC foundersConcept- Being hailed as the ‘Make my Trip’ of medical tests, DoctorC is a mobile and internet application that brings transparency in medical testing. It enables consumers to compare prices and quality across various tests, across a variety of diagnostic centers in the city and book appointments. They organize local information about healthcare providers and services which help consumers make educated choices. In the process, they also provide discounts and allow the tests to be booked on the phone, online or through a mobile app.
  • Team culture- A lot of emphasis on learning, they are an aggressive, competitive and creative team. Looking for T-shaped people- those who have a breadth of knowledge across many different areas and a depth of skill in a single area.
  • Headquarters- Hyderabad
  • Jobs available- Check out their current openings here.

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