What hirist.com is NOT…

We get a lot of mails and messages from candidates on a daily basis and we’ve realized that most of them are confused as to what hirist.com is – some of them think we’re placement consultants while others think we have exclusive tie-ups with companies to train and hire people.

To clear the misconception, we initially thought of writing this post to clarify what the company is and does. But I think its better instead if we focus on telling what we’re not so as to clear any doubts – so this is our unabashed, official guide to what hirist is not!

What hirist.com is NOT

  1. We’re not a Recruitment Agency – we do not have a specialized team that recruits on behalf of corporates.
  2. To make the above point even clearer, we don’t place candidates in any company!
  3. We don’t recommend candidates to HR’s and Hiring Managers because we have no say in the hiring process.
  4. The jobs posted on hirist.com are posted by individual recruiters and HR’s and it is them (or their team) who works on those positions and not us.
  5. Our team does not shortlist candidates nor lines them up for interviews.
  6. In short, we cannot guarantee you a job or an interview call!

What hirist.com IS

  1. We’re a technology company that acts as a platform between jobseekers and recruiters
  2. We build tools for both jobseekers and recruiters that make it easier for the two to discover and connect.
  3. We’ve built tools and processes that
    1. allow recruiters to post their (or their clients) requirements on hirist.com
    2. allow candidates to discover those opportunities and apply to those jobs
    3. allow recruiters to sort through those applications and pick the best fit candidate.

How the Process Works:

  1. We reach out to corporates in an effort to have them post their requirements on our platform. Over a period of time, we’ve built a strong brand name within the recruitment industry which ensures that we feature a lot of exciting opportunities with top brands and companies.
  2. All postings, whether they’re made directly by company HR’s/hiring managers or third party search partners, are moderated by our quality and operations team.
  3. Any posting that is made from a Yahoo/Gmail id is rejected unless verified by our team
  4. Any posting that is not relevant to our audience (think telesales, frontline sales etc) is rejected by the quality team
  5. To streamline the applicant flow, prevent fraud and abuse of the platform and to refine the user experience, we’ve now introduced an Apply button on every posting
  6. Once a candidate applies to a position that has been posted on hirist.com, we let the concerned recruiter (who posted that position) know of the same
    1. through emails, and
    2. via his/her recruiter dashboard (read our post on how the recruiter dashboard looks like)
  7. The recruiter can perform multiple actions inside his/her dashboard such as viewing CV’s, downloading CV’s, short-listing candidates or marking them as Not Suitable. Every time an action is performed by the recruiter, we let the candidate know the same via status mails and also reflect the updated status under the candidate’s “Applied Jobs” page
  8. This ensures that the entire loop is closed (right from the time of applying to a job to knowing the status of the application
  9. And that’s where our involvement in this whole cycle ends!

After that it’s up to the concerned recruiter(s) to take this offline with those relevant candidates who applied to their posting. We’re in no way involved with subsequent hiring decisions as that is the sole decision of the company/hiring manager.

If you still have queries/concerns as to what we do, please drop in a mail to blog@hirist.com