Rockstar Recruiter- – March 2015

Recruiters and hiring managers play a very important part on After all, they’re the ones who help you move ahead in your career by helping you land that dream job.

So what’s better than a recruiter who posts awesome jobs on our site? A recruiter that actively goes through resumes, takes an action and helps candidates know the status of their applications.

And that’s why we’ve decided to feature these awesome recruiters on our blog. The Top 10 Recruiters for the month of March 2015 are-

  • Ritu Kumari- RedMart

redmart logoRitu is an HR Manager at RedMart, a Singapore based online grocer which has forayed into India with a development center in Bangalore. Ritu has been one of the most active recruiters on during March.

She posted a total of 8 positions in the last six months and has taken action on almost all applications received.

Popular Positions Posted:

RedMart – Automation Test Engineer – JUnit/Selenium/Jenkins (2-6 yrs)

RedMart – Full Stack Developer – eCommerce (2-10 yrs)

  • Bala Kullayi Reddy- Beta Bulls

beta bulllsBala is an HR executive at Beta Bulls, a technology development and business mentorship firm that builds web and mobile apps for startups. Bala is responsible for hiring for a wide range of Tech positions such as iOS developers, Software Project Manager for Beta Bulls.

Popular Positions Posted:

BetaBulls – iOS Developer (1-4 yrs)

BetaBulls – Software Project Manager (4-7 yrs)

BetaBulls – Android Developer – Trained Fresher (0-1 yrs)

  • Jagat Iyer – EveryCrave

jagat iyer everycareJagat is the Founder & CEO of EveryCrave, a full-fledged Digital Consulting, Design and Development studio based out of Bangalore, India.

Although Jagat only posted 2 positions, he is one of our Rockstar recruiters for the month because he took out the time to take action on almost all the applications that he received for these positions.

Popular Positions Posted:

EveryCrave – Software Developer – Django/Python/HTML/CSS (0-1 yrs)

EveryCrave – Software Developer – Django/Python (0-1 yrs)

  • Manickavasagam Apparsamy– mGage

Mani mGageWorking as a Senior Manager, Recruitments with mGage, Mani has been an extremely active recruiter on this past month and has posted 4 positions for various senior positions in mGage.

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider which enables brands to intelligently personalize mobile communications for the omni-channel consumer, across marketing and customer care interactions.

Popular Positions Posted:

mGage – Technical Architect – J2EE (10-15 yrs)

mGage – Tech Lead/Sr Tech Lead – Front End Developer – Java/HTML/CSS/Javascript (4-12 yrs)

  • Shubra Hede – Helix Tech

helix techShubra is an HR executive at Helix Tech, an emerging IT services company, based out of Goa which offers a wide range of business services ranging from Software development, mobile application development, e-commerce & m-commerce solutions, web analytics, cloud integration solutions, mobile application development and many more.

She has been actively recruiting for various positions such as front end developers, mobile application professionals to name a few. Shubra is one of our Rockstar recruiters as she did make it a point to take action on almost all the applications received.

Popular Positions Posted:

Helix Tech – Mobile Applications Professional – Android/iOS (2-8 yrs)

Helix Tech – Sr Front End Developer – HTML/CSS/jQuery (2-3 yrs)

  • Sourabh Deorah- Work Advantage

sourabh work advantageSourabh is the CEO & Co-founder of Work Advantage, a next gen corporate discount facilitator that creates mutually rewarding relationships between employers and businesses by managing corporate discounts.

A graduate from UCLA, Sourabh posted 5 positions in the last two months and took out time to take action on a vast number of applications that he received for all positions posted.

Popular Positions Posted:

Work Advantage – Android Developer (2-8 yrs)

Work Advantage – iBeacon Development – Android/iPhone/Ruby on Rails (1-3 yrs)

  • Rimakshi Chakraborty – SilverPush

silver_pushRimakshi is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at SilverPush, which is a leading Cross-device Mapping platform that unifies data points from the billions of digital devices around the globe and associates it with people.

She is actively building the Tech team at SilverPush as she posted a total of 8 positions in the last 2 months.

Popular Positions Posted:

SilverPush – iOS Engineer (1-3 yrs)

SilverPush – Android Application Developer (1-3 yrs)

SilverPush – Data Scientist (1-3 yrs)

  • Ujjwal Ankur – WealthPack

ujjwal wealthpackUjjwal is the Co-Founder of WealthPack, an early stage “Fintech” startup that provides tailor made actionable financial advice.

They are building their team and have been actively hiring for various positions such as Android Developers, Python Developers to name just a few. Ujjwal has taken action on all the applications received against the positions posted.

Popular Positions Posted:

WealthPack – VP – Technology – Python/Django (4-7 yrs)

WealthPack – Android Developer (1-10 yrs)

  • Shalini Singh – Delhivery

shalini singh delhiveryDelhivery is a Gurgaon based e-Commerce logistics service and supply chain provider. As an HR executive at Delhivery, one of Shalini’s responsibilities is to hire world class talent for the company.

She posted a total of 4 positions in March and acted on all applications received against these positions.


Popular Positions Posted:

Delhivery – Manager/Architect – Python (4-8 yrs)

Delhivery – Lead Developer – Python/Django (3-7 yrs)

  • Grishma Udani – CommonFloor

grishma udani commonfloorGrishma is a Product Manager at CommonFloor and is a Post Graduate from IIT Kanpur. She used to hire for various positions such as Product Designer, Data Scientist, Web Developer to name just a few.

She has been active in leaving feedback on received applications.

Popular Positions Posted:

CommonFloor – Product Designer – UX (0-4 yrs)

CommonFloor – Data Scientist/Big Data Architect (2-6 yrs)

That’s it for our list of Rockstar Recruiters for last month. Check back next month to see which recruiter made it to this elite list for the month of April.