Application Status on – What Does It Mean?

Application-StatusOne of the ways we help candidates keep track of all their applications is via the “Applied Jobs” page and perhaps the most important part on that page is the “Application Status” column.

The “Application Status” column helps candidates know the current status of their application and this changes in real-time based on the recruiter’s action.

How does this happen?

Basically, we’ve built certain tools for recruiter’s that help them keep track of all the applications received. The moment you hit the “Apply” button, your key profile details are populated on the recruiter dashboard and an email notification (which includes your key profile details along with your CV) is also sent to the concerned recruiter.

The recruiter then has the option of performing various actions such as viewing or downloading your CV or saving it for future use. As soon as the recruiter performs any of these actions, your application status is updated to reflect the current one.

Here’s what each status means:

  • Applied/Sent – This means that your application has been sent to the recruiter; however, he/she has not viewed it for various reasons. One of the reasons for this is that he/she might have not seen you as a right fit based on your profile snapshot
  • Viewed – This means the recruiter has viewed your CV and gone through it. However, this does not mean he/she will necessarily contact you because maybe after going through your CV in detail, he/she did not find it to be the right fit.
  • Downloaded – Again self-explanatory and means that the concerned recruiter has downloaded your CV. Once again, this does not necessarily mean that the recruiter will contact you because there may be cases where he/she forwards it to the hiring manager but is later found not suitable. However, your chances of being contacted by the recruiter do increase once your status is changed to Downloaded.
  • Shortlisted – This means that the recruiter has found you to be a good match as per the mandate and in all probability, will be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further.
  • Not Suitable – This means that you do not fit the recruiter’s mandate for the concerned position. We urge candidates to treat this as a positive feedback and try and read the JD once again to understand why the recruiter could not consider you for this role.
  • Saved for Future Use – There might be instances where the current position goes on hold or perhaps, the recruiter liked your candidature but did not find it an ideal fit. In such cases, he/she changes the status of your application to “Saved for Future Use” and might get in touch with you at a later date for a different opportunity (perhaps).

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