An Insight into the “Insights” Feature on

A few months ago, we launched a new feature for candidates called “Insights”. As the name suggests, the idea was to offer candidates additional insights into every job posting that they’ve applied to so far or those that they’re interested in applying to.

The response from candidates has been very encouraging so far and a large number of candidates are using this feature on a daily basis in order to boost their job search.

What Insights will Tell You:

As of now, the insights feature will show you the following details:

  • How many people have viewed a particular job posting (day wise, week wise, month wise)
  • How many people have applied to a particular job posting (day wise, week wise, month wise)
  • Comparison with other candidates – Distribution of applications by experience (in yrs)

Sample Insights – – Sr Software Engineer – UI (2-4 yrs)

The 1st tab shows you how many people have viewed this particular posting (month wise)

Insights 1

The 2nd tab shows you how many people have applied for this job (again month wise)

Insights 2

The Competition tab tells you that 692 people have applied to this posting with roughly 25% of the applicants from top Engineering colleges. Also, the majority of applicants lie within the 1-3 years experience range

Insights 3

The high number of applications gives you a rough idea of the amount of competition. However, as you can see in the screenshots above, this job was originally posted in August 2014 and was last refreshed by the recruiter on 11th November, 2014.

This means that despite the high number of applications against this job posting, the recruiter is still looking for the right candidate and provided your profile is a good fit, there’s a good chance of you being considered for this job.

Further Improvements to the Insights Feature

We’re constantly looking to improve every aspect on and the “Insights” feature is no exception. Here’s what you can expect in the coming few months:

  • A sleek, better looking user interface with new graphs
  • Making this feature available on our mobile site and the official app (once it’s launched)
  • Adding more insightful data to the comparison tab and the ability to deep dive into competition (batch wise, experience wise, profile wise)

We’d love to hear more feedback from candidates on not only this feature but other features as well (such as Application Status and Profile Snapshot). Drop in a line to

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