A Look Inside the Recruiter Dashboard System on Hirist.com

Haven’t you always wondered what happens once you apply to a job on hirist.com? Where does your application go, how does the recruiter see your resume and how do you get those status notification mails?

What we’ve done to simplify the application management process for recruiters is build a simple (but highly effective) Recruiter Dashboard system which allows them to effectively manage all incoming applications. So the minute you hit that “Apply” button, a snapshot of your profile is automatically populated on the recruiter’s dashboard which highlights your key details such as:

  • Name & Application Date
  • Current Organization & Designation
  • Institute & Batch
  • Experience, and
  • Location

Note: Click on picture to zoom. The below is for representation only with dummy details

Hirist_Recruiter Dashboard

Not only do we populate these details on the dashboard; but we also send an individual mail to the concerned recruiter who has posted that job.

This gives the recruiter an immediate idea of your current profile (in fact, in our experience we’ve seen that over 80% of the decision to shortlist a candidate is based on the above key parameters) and then he/she has the option of performing more actions on your applications. We’ve provided recruiters with 5 specific options that they can take with respect to an individual application and the minute a recruiter performs any of these, you receive a status notification mail and the same is updated under your “Applied Jobs” page.

To read more about what each status message means, please Click Here

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