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10 Indian HR Professionals to follow on Twitter

In this mammoth world, with a deluge of people around, it is difficult to find the right people to follow. For instance, on Twitter alone, there are more than 285 million active users. This means that spotting the right people to follow from a huge cohort is difficult. Similar is the case with identifying the

5 CTO jobs you need to check out now!

Are you a technically inclined leader? Or a tech whiz with experience? These CTO jobs may just be what you have been looking for all along. Technology is the backbone of a lot of startups today. To come up with a good tech product or to ensure seamless operations is all a team effort, and

10 Hot Jobs for UI/UX Designers!

As the digital world shrinks down to a screen the size of your hand, demand for user experience designers explodes. UI/UX designers are hot commodities in the Tech market right now. These jobs are in demand, are hot and one of them could well be your dream job. Company-TabTor Hot Job- Sr UI/UX Developer (4-8

Check out these women who are making waves in the Tech world!

When we think of Women in Tech, a couple of names that come to mind are Sheryl Sandberg & Marissa Mayer, but there are many bright Indian women who are prospering in this male dominated industry. We present to you ten women who are making particularly exciting waves in the technology world. *This list contains Country

Why attend a Job-a-thon!

Job seekers can use career fairs to network, make positive first impressions, and learn about several companies and what it’s like to work for them. Meeting and interacting with recruiters face to face is a very critical part of the job search process, and Job-a-thon’s offer job seekers a unique opportunity to make personal connections

Top 10 Companies in India that Pay Software Engineers the Highest Salaries

If you know a Software Engineer who works for one of the below companies, then this should be another point added to the list of reasons why you should date a Software Engineer! Source – 1. Facebook Lowest – 17 lakhs per annum Highest – 36 lakhs per annum 2. LinkedIn Lowest – 16

2nd “Job-a-thon” – A Grand Success

Our second hiring event was held in Delhi on 21st Feb, 2015 with the aim of helping companies hire for various roles such as java, PHP, Android, iOS, UI/UX Designers. Companies were hiring in droves for these roles and didn’t mind paying higher salaries to attract candidates with these must-have skills. Companies such as Indiamart, Akosha, “Job-a-thon” for Mobile Developers – A Grand Success

We recently held an exclusive hiring event in Delhi on the 7th of Feb, 2015 with the aim of helping companies hire the best Mobile Developers. With the emergence of mobile as the dominant platform, each and every company wants to hire the best Android/iOS developers out there so we figured we were perfectly placed to

14 Valentine’s Day Cards only Geeks will Send!

Who says Geeks and Techies can’t be Romantic – Check out 14 of the Most Amazing Yet Geeky Cards Ever Sent! 1. You are the CSS to my HTML 2. Because even IT folks need love 3. My Smartphone has Competition 4. I was programmed to like you 5. You complete me. The Google way

9 Reasons You Should Date a Software Engineer

They might be nerdy and geeky to the core but studies have concluded that 60% of all eligible bachelors in India are Software Engineers. So Girls, this is why you should consider him a Mr. Right! 1. You don’t have to worry about another girl. It’s his laptop that you’ll soon hate! 2. Free tech