Rethinking your Resume- Take inspiration from these Creative Resumes

Job hunting can be a tedious job. You have to run after your potential employers and show them the best of you. The trick is to get them to see that you can add value to their organisation, and you will be an asset (if they choose to hire you).

While job hunting can be a tedious job from the employee’s side, it is as much of a task for the employers. They have to skim through hordes of resumes to select the one person that is best suited for the job. Choosing one that stands out from the rest is not as simple as it sounds, cause many a times, they have to dig deep to actually find that person.

Need for a Creative Resume

The problem of sorting from the number of applicants has created the need of standing out. Well, the best way to stand out from the rest is to work on creating a profile that is going to land you the job of your dreams.

You may have the best qualifications for the job, but there is a chance that you get lost in the crowd. So to be unique amongst the rest, there is a need to just add a little bit of zip to your profile. Highlight yourself and your achievements. Think of it as a putting your best trophies in a place where everyone can see them the best.

What you need is some creativity on your CV. It helps the employer to remember you, and it shows how much you want the job. The creativity is a breath of fresh air for someone who has been skimming through similar-looking boring stuff throughout the day. It has worked brilliantly for some people. Let us a take a look at them:

The Time Line Info graphics

infographics resumeA timeline helps you give a brief recap of your whole life in just a glance. It shows the primary milestones in your life while also giving a good estimate as to the time you’ve spent training or on the job. The timeline is useful across platforms, but you have to be neat with its presentation. Michael Anderson’s timeline above has been neatly organised and the colours make sure that the CV stands out. He has not only stuck to a traditional time line, but has included pie-charts and histograms to graphically convey the information that is required.

The Graphic Designer’s Portfolio


Jolie O’Dell decided to send in her CV using all her creativity to ensure that the employers know exactly what they’re looking at. Nothing says creative and ingenious more than actually seeing it. While applying for a job that will require you to use your artistic side, it is always advisable to start showing it right at the start. Use your CV to portray your work. The employer is surely going to look at your complete portfolio, but starting to impress at first glance is actually a very good idea.

Every Job Counts!

Mathew Cv

If you think that only the high-paying jobs require your creativity to come to the fore, think again. In a market when there are hundreds of applicants for every job, the only thing that is a guarantee is that you’ll have to be a part of the crowd. You need to use your creativity every chance you get. Matthew Villalovos realised the need for being a tad different and pimped up his CV to apply for the job a server. What he realised was that every organisation in the world needs a breath of fresh air. If you see where that freshness lacks, you can give them a picture of the thing that they’re missing.

These are just a few examples of people who realized what needs to done to land a job. The job may not be your dream job, but if you’re putting in so many efforts to apply for the job, do it absolutely well. If there’s one thing you’ll learn throughout the application procedure, it’s that always put your best foot forward, even if it’s just a simple application.

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