9 Reasons You Should Date a Software Engineer

They might be nerdy and geeky to the core but studies have concluded that 60% of all eligible bachelors in India are Software Engineers. So Girls, this is why you should consider him a Mr. Right!

1. You don’t have to worry about another girl. It’s his laptop that you’ll soon hate!


2. Free tech support 24 X 7. For you and your entire family

Tech Support

3. You’ll be the 1st one to know about all the latest Technology trends and latest jobs


4. He’ll keep you entertained with the nerdiest jokes on the planet


5. You don’t need to worry about him forgetting important dates. He’ll create an app for each one of them!


6. You get to pick all his clothes. He doesn’t have the time to do it himself.


7. It’s hard not to be turned on when he unleashes his video gaming skills


8. Want to watch the latest movie without paying for tickets? He’ll know the best Torrent sites!


9. He’s the one your parents will definitely approve of

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