14 Valentine’s Day Cards only Geeks will Send!

Who says Geeks and Techies can’t be Romantic – Check out 14 of the Most Amazing Yet Geeky Cards Ever Sent!

1. You are the CSS to my HTMLyou-are-the-css-to-my-html

2. Because even IT folks need loveit-geek-valentines-card

3. My Smartphone has Competitionsmartphone-valentines-card

4. I was programmed to like youScreenShot2013-01-23at112548AM_zps4fdf71b4

5. You complete me. The Google wayScreenShot2013-01-23at111943AM_zps65b3e456

6. Password Protected Wifi37686385-media_http5mshcdncomw_swvmk

7. If you don’t like Sheldon, I don’t like youGeeks-are-sexy-and-they-deserve-something-special-on-this-valentine.-1

8. Let’s get Down and Nerdyil_570xN.413618271_29me

9. Guess what turns me onValentine-9-TwinRavensPress

10. Let’s go on a (Pen)DriveUSB-Flash-Card-Valentine-Card

11. For the nerdiest of the nerds140526450842674052PZJYocHyc

12. Let’s talk Numbers. Binary I Mean4cb4f591ab0f64301eee05216beec796

13. May the Force be with Usfunny-nerdy-valentines-day-cards-1__700


 14. Give this Guy a Medal!Valentines-Tech-Geeks