10 signs you may need a Techervention

You-are-in-a-virtual-relationship-with-your-gadget12:45 am: You are on your laptop checking your mails.

05:00 am: You are responding to early morning messages on Whatsapp

08:00 am: You are yet again on your smartphone this time coordinating with colleagues for the day’s work

12:00 PM: You are on Facebook trying to know it all about the next company you are applying into.

4:00 PM: You just got over a debate with your friend who believes his PS3 is any day better than your XBox. How could he?

08:00 PM: You and your love, the brand new OLED TV, are all set to have a lovely dinner together

12:45 AM: You are again responding to your last set of mails for the day.

Does this sound like your day-to-day schedule? Well, here’s a news flash: you are a TECH ADDICT!!

Don’t believe us? Check for yourself. Even if you relate to at least 5 of the following signs you might need to regulate your dose of technology!

  • Separation Anxiety: Staying away from your gadgets is like drawing the oxygen out of you. Technology is like your support system. You have to have your hand on your favourite gadget. Technology is always around you, and you’re always using it. If you’re awake, it is solely for and because of technology.
  • You take your tech for a ride: Wherever you go, your little (tech) one accompanies you. If you had a chance, you’ll be adding the tech as your ‘plus one’ at the weddings (or any other function).
  • You check your phone every few seconds: Your phone is your most handy bit of tech, so you make maximum use of it. You use your phone every few seconds, and can’t keep your hands off it.
  • Respond right away: Any text you get; any mail you receive, you’ll be responding in a jiffy. You just cannot accept that there in an unread email or text in your account, no matter how insignificant it is. An unread email is like an unattended patient, needs immediate attention!

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  • Phantom Cell phone syndrome: This is basically hearing or having the feeling that your phone is ringing when it actually isn’t. You are so used to your phone ringing that you feel it is ringing even when it’s not (or it is switched off, for that matter!) It is a haunted life from thereon.
  • FOMO: “Fear of Missing Out.” Social media has created a society that needs to be involved in everything. They need to know everything and need to feel they’re involved in it. It has led to this fear of missing out on something if they do not constantly update themselves. If you have FOMO, you are surely one of them.
  • Technology dominates meetings: Any meeting, with family or friends, is spent more with your gadgets than with the person. You don’t remember the last time you actually spent time with a person without having to scroll through your laptop or phone.
  • You text more, speak less: Texting is your way of expression. Speaking is out dated and over-rated. If you can text everything, you do not feel the need to convey it directly. Texting is your thing.
  • You carry a charger everywhere: You need your gadgets up and running all the time. Whether it is at the gym, home or office, (or in the bathroom!) you need to see the light on your gadgets glowing bright. Therefore, you always have your charger with you. Or you keep a spare charger everywhere you spend most of your time.
  • Tech Domination: Your technology dominates your life. You need it to relax, to work, to enjoy and for everything else too. You lose friends due to your recent fall in people skills. Your hobbies are now replaced by apps and social media websites. Machines have taken over the human in you.

Scientists have concluded that there is a serious threat of people getting addicted to the gadgets. Well, Terminator may have been wrong with the method, but machines are taking over the world, saying that they haven’t already.